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these pictures show some of the available yarn colors and stitch patterns available for the afghans and sweaters.

colors approximate!!

click on any of the pictures below to get a better look.

some of the patterns available for the afghans are:

bulletgreen shellsshell
bulletburgundy shellsripple
bulletlace diamondslace diamonds
bullettulip lace patterntulips
bulletrose trellis lacerose trellis lace
bulletpopcorn lace
bulletred/yellow granny squaresgranny squares

some of the patterns available for the sweaters are

bulletpopcorn lace
bulletstockinette stitch

varigated yarn samples:

blue/purple varigated yarn bright colored varigated pastel varigated  rose/turquoise pink/yellow/green

blues/purples*bright rainbow* pastel specks*rose/turquoise*pink/yellow/green

blue/purple varigated purple/green varigated christmas varigated pastel varigated

blue/purple * purple/green * red/green * pastels

please specify the color (or colors) you want for the afghan or sweater.  if you want pastel, bright, or dark hues, please also specify this also.

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last modified: february 02, 2007
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